I. Brief introduction to Technical Center

Zongshen Industry Group Technical Center, established in 1999, is located in Chongqing, the only municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the Central Government in southwest. The initial intention to establish this Center was to provide technical R&D support and guarantee to thermal power-related diversity development strategy and new energy development strategy of Zongshen Industry Group Through over ten years¡¯ development, the Center has made great breakthrough of independent innovation and is now among the best for the input and R&D power of motorcycle software and hardware in China. The development idea of the Center is to commercialize the R&D results rapidly and use the benefit obtained from the R&D results to promote further development of the Center so as to establish a good circulation mechanism of R&D work and form a new product development system of "production of one generation, R&D of the generation and reserve for the generation". Based on "PDB" product development outline and according to "three in one" development idea of design, trial manufacture and test, the Center has three resource centers of Design Center, Engineering Center and Test Center. The three centers are engaged respectively in product design and verification; product trial manufacture, process and tooling design and verification; product performance test and verification. The discipline types are completer that there are 47 disciplines established.  Now the Center has 769 developing personnel, among which 80% are of or above undergraduates, 80 advance talents have master degree or doctoral degree or are professors or foreign experts, and 342 persons have senior and intermediate titles.
II. Mission of the Center
New product development strategy of the Group is implemented with advantages of current products and whole process development of vehicle original design of Zongshen Group and taking full use of foreign state-of-art technologies. Product lines are expanded by launching new products to meet user demands with high quality, full series and differentiation so as to enhance "Zongshen" product feature and establish a leading position in the industry.
III. Vision of the Center
R&D Company focuses on diverse end products related to new energy and thermal power machinery industry, takes utilization of new material and process, absorption of state-of-art technologies home and abroad, continuous improvement of product technical level and seeking for maximum profit for the Group as the Company¡¯s own responsibility so as to make Zongshen the international and vintage brand.
IV. Values of the Center
Pursuit of innovation        absorption of technology         respect for individuality           encouragement of learning
V. Honors of the Center
In October 2004, "National Certified Enterprise Technical Center" was granted jointly by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance of the People¡¯s Republic of China, General Administration of Customs of the People¡¯s Republic of China and State Administration of Taxation;
In 2005, the Center passed the acceptance of National Good Standardization Enterprise, which is now the only enterprise technical center that reaches AAAA level standardization level in Chongqing;
In November 2005, the Test Center was certified and selected into National Laboratory List; and
In December 2005, the post-doctoral research station was established in the Center with approval of Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security of the People¡¯s Republic of China.

VI. R&D Results
R&D results of the Center take a leading role in domestic motorcycle industry that dozens of products are listed into National Innovation Project, National Torch Program Project and National, among which, 150CC, 200CC and 250CC wholly covered sport bikes, 750CC road racing motorcycle, V-type 200CC double-cylinder engine and chopper, 500CC single-cylinder engine and sport bike, 150CC professional off-road racing motorcycle, 18-horsepower general engine with vertical axis and electrical/fuel dual power wheeler obtained a dozen awards of industrial competition in international racing competition.
VII. Intellectual Property
The Center has an intellectual property database of motorcycle industry which is the most complete one in China. The total number of patents comes top in domestic motorcycle industry that 2450 patents were applied in recent three years (98 inventions, 1350 utility model patents and 1002 appearance design patents) and there are 9 foreign patents. There are totally 725 brand registration application (544 domestic applications and 181 foreign applications), 98 copyright registration and 71 customs records.

VIII. Technical Cooperation
The Center, as for product innovation, adhered to the cooperation idea of "going out and bringing in", carried out outward technical cooperation widely like "Industry-University-Research Institute" collaboration to bring in state-of-art technology and established good cooperative relationship with partners to laid solid foundation for technical innovation and sophisticated manufacture of Zongshen Group. The Center, directed by "Cyclone Project", adjusted product portfolio of motorcycle, engine and related thermal power machinery and started strategically new product R&D work of motorcycle, engine, general machinery and new energy. It integrated internal and external resources, carried out outward cooperation, optimized development process and organized management change to solve technical troubles, improve professional technical capability and enhance R&D level of the enterprise.
1) Cooperated with Tianjin University and Chongqing University to establish joint laboratories for vibration and noise reduction research of motorcycle, vehicle engine and general engine products to improve comprehensive product performance and create product core competitiveness;
2) Carried out long-term strategic cooperation with Taiwan Nova Design Co., Ltd. to complete product industrial design and development process and improve product moulding level and capability of design, analysis and verification.
3) Carried out 8 years¡¯ cooperation of EFI system development with "DELPHI" and controlled harmful gas emission of products to meet different emission laws and regulations of regional markets in the world.
4) Developed 500CC engine and 13/18 horsepower general engine with vertical axis in cooperation with France "MECACHROME" company, which filled the gap products of large emission of the Group and improved development capability of large emission products of the Group.
5) Brought in state-of-art technologies of "PIAGGIO" engine and complete vehicle with the opportunity of joint venture between the Group and Italian "PIAGGIO" company. The two parties developed jointly motorcycles and engines applicable to Chinese market while technical capability of product development was improved. 
6) Cooperated with US "Harley Davidson" to develop chopper of large emission and grasped methods and standards for development of large emission products.
7) Cooperated with Italian "SELVA" company to develop outboard engines.
8) Brought in technical standards of general engines and end products to improve capability of general engine design with the opportunity of joint venture between the Group and MTD Inc. of U.S.A.
9) Cooperated with international and domestic well-know companies or organizations to carry out technical development of power system, frame lightweight design, suspension system design, indication system design for intellectual instrument and optical signal system design etc.

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