Company Philosophy
Centralization, outstanding, pragmatic and innovation

Being centralized in the development of the company¡¯s major trade and the thermo-motive; mobilizing and uniting all the stuff in the work and integrating their interests; serving the company heart and soul.

Being outstanding in precision work and profession and manufacturing fine quality products;

Being honest, pragmatic and careful in work and behaving in a down-to-earth way

Pursuing for and making innovations, accepting new ideas, creating new culture and establishing new goals.

Enterprise Aim
Pursuing for the world technology leadership and realizing lean production of Zongshen;

Strategic Prospect (becoming world¡¯s leading power system service supplier)
Leading the motorcycle industry throughout the world and aiming at making Zongshen a world brand.

Enterprise Mission
Providing a clean, convenient and safe transportation tools for human being and improve their life quality. 

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