Zongshen will provide the agents with all-round support as follows:
A.Product documents: Zongshen will offer all essential product documents and related files.
B.Product trial: Zongshen will provide product trial service to the agents in order to make them  and the end customers, within the shortest period of time, to know about our products¡¯ performance,etc, and truly understand their advantages.
C.Training: Zongshen will hold product or technology trainings periodically to help our agents communicate with their customers.
D.Daily communication: Zongshen will solve problems for agents in the form of E-mail, Telephone, MSN, computer long-distance aid, technical explaination on the spot,etc
E.Market promotion: Zongshen will collaborate with our agents on promotion activities(exhibition, sales promotion, public activities,etc), advertise on related media.
1.The agents will agree to Zongshen¡¯s sales policies and has strong desire to cooperate.
2.The agents will have some advantages in motorcycle industry and relatively powerful:
1) with registered capital of not less than 5 million Euros.
2) has certain sales stores or sub-agents,and warehouse space in accordance with the sourcing quantity promised.
3) Capital input can meet needs of normal business activity.
3.The agents have much experience in sales of motorcycle and spare parts concerned, attach importance to customer development and have enough sub-agents and after-sales service network.
The procedure to join us:
1.Get Zongshen importer evaluation from our website or by E-mail.
2.Fill in Zongshen importer evaluation in detail and upload it to us , as well as such basic company information as business license,sales areas,achievements,sub-agent network.
3.We will evaluate after receiving above-mentioned basic information, and come to visit if your company meets our basic requirements.We will sign Zongshen motorcycle agency agreement with appropriate agents and start pratical operations right away.

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